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at a friday to yield we have pretty cloudy conditions is there francisco right now dealing with a higher fault it's also producing some drizzle. temperatures are rarely in the fifties and low 60s. when dylan cloud cover and tell road time. pretty much as could be similar to what we felt yesterday's maybe a little bit cooler with
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mid-60's for the coast. lsi the low eighties for some of the warmest and live spots. in the seven there around the bay is coming up at about 15 minutes. >>: is a web ride at the ball again bridge this morning here southbound trip your traffic is pretty light. the ride to a firmer ringgit is still a free. even through the east bay while there is ill little slowing and interstate 580 it's still a much lighter than usual ride. south bay freeways are free from any delays. bella a woman knocked unconscious tried to break up a fight outside of at&t part. she tried to break up the fight will be getting injured.
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this morning police did have a the suspects in custody. services, please tell us that to read between the ages of 30 and 35 data to an argument with the other men did will lead our 0550 yesterday's evening. just a few hours after the a's and giants game and did. will the suspects and then attach the man she tried to get between them and break up the fight with one of the suspects plot tram the face as well. >>: the will would was stated to services, general hospital in serious injuries. services copley's to a heavy suspects in custody this morning. they'll describe to invest 30 to 35 years old that's rather ask anybody with information to give the call. >>: for letting more this were a
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a about the allies prostitute accused of giving a google executive a fatal blow overdose of drugs trippet she's 26 year- old alex cichlid were hearing her voice for the first time in a battle will call prepared a been let her face to face is that accrue syri. the lack com's speaker chivvied to the suggestions. this initially motivated and that other than sex and drugs and money. you're the police have decided to reexamine the tape their racially rest of the case to a sibylline-as simple overdose.
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her boyfriend the kelly was a older who raised exotic animals and property. bella order please what about it's their findings after active tape undulate at the pool table create-- police tape.
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on a washington the said, they're moving forward with their planned to sue president obama. , the lawsuit argues that president obamaconstitution. d a the republican-led houses are expected to vote on the resolution. a number of uninsured americans has dropped dramatically. 70 percent of
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americans are still out health coverage pripet that number has now dropped to 30 per cent. >>: this man is expected in the series of well pass. he drove around the golan heights neighborhood and sold three packages that that left on for imports. --porshes, coming up on the kron 4 morning news are kron of four stores the sense that they have worldwide attention. ruler and more know about the company that has the building that she lived in.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news is it sold burned a live look at the toll plaza even with the meter relays activated is not a bad would is all the slow we have a 80 over crossing
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with about drive times to 11 minutes it's their for cisco. >>: if you get to your destination and argentine it could be wet will start with the bat their expressway convoy air . as for the rest of airlines alaska and dell tell all have the top three dragging rates overall well planes landed late. >>: how gas prices are doing today and national averages sitting at 353 for regular gala of gas. here the bay area the highest at 422. bell dow features of the positive
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side of 27. fear is growing that is the largest bank that could fail. will the close those 70 and 1/2 points dow was down a hundred and 80 points.
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book now at ♪ the gloomy morning out there. let's look a the forecast. >>: even some drizzle over the golden gate bridge right data but take a look at temperatures not too bad but expect these numbers to " move by much of the next couple of hours. the 60 leave the house account right now we do have drizzle law coastline. we also have some activity to our north. we aren't seeing any rein in the bay area all of this is moving into the lake tahoe area. some places could actually be a degree or to collect. with that said love you as 76 pre everett looking pretty
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good. as lettuce and east palo the sunshine expected today as the fall gives away. upper '70's in fairfield and the apple of the war response and 83. in terms of what's ahead with your seventh day around the bay port for cash. del expect as much fog as you sit seen over the couple of days. 90 is a discredited and lead. 615 is a time when now happy friday. >>: it's a pretty good ride around the bay were not tracking the high problems or hot spots. in the vicinity of eight st. we are looking at a exited here. looking at the rest
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of the east bay ride is done too bad for interstate 580 as it is seen the west of direction the self a ride looks good rat trap heat in the problems here. or 85 leading all way up to cupertino. room below view north bay ride looks good did to rein in petaluma. the ride to the bridge from the shore of the biggest freeway are both pretty light as well this morning. >>: happening today president obama mobile launch a new business initiatives today. it
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urges big companies to pay their small contract's faster. the white house sense that makes it easier for things to grow. >>: russia is pressing for closer military. and usx's various state judge carey has made an unannounced visit over the country for the presidential election. this setup another
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stop transporting central american children and their families across the border illegally. and then ship them to san diego. ms. garment newspaper fourth/year sedition read the classified documents leaked for the former national security contractor. the white house said that taken the same action again would like to be inappropriate in get the bills of attainder by the associated press that show the faa knew
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about the obstruction and they call it good news. >>: relied more all the suspect in the back shooting and the houston area that left for the children and a wife dead. this 33 year-old title of his victims and shot each would ahead execution-style. the other grandparents are more in the loss of four of the rackets. a 15 year-old girl was able to call police after pretended to be dead after she was shot to says of far in the that they're
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better place. >>: he's been charged with capital murder and being held without bond. and look the reformation was aborted in the case of a young boy saw the debasement of his death toll. if the family attorney says that he was put there as punishment. the court official said that the 12 year-old was a force to complete a work out once a day every day. and thousands of resolutions at a local machine the attorney for the boy's father says that there's a lot of school explanation for the workout. appeal i think many of us to stick to die by that 12 years old. >>: according to court documents the boy accused his father and
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stepmother of abuse gold has been charged with anything in the case. >>: the tram to the fervent the fate of the loss signals clippers as club hold. some lawyers for a battle sterling have personal plans this still read to bloch's wife to sell the clippers fearing shell is a lawyer testified yesterday that she may kid deal with their husbands' consent in this usage is ride. --cganged his nind, told about a 98 year-old symphysis goal may be evicted from the suburban-is called home for nearly 15 years. can save the company but this is will the worst among the buildings were
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the company has started the eviction notices this is this an apartment building where phyllis lives. >>: is above 99 days without facebook. >>: [bl ris]
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abouyournsurce,bause wh youon' you arte [pro bur] atarme,we n hu you and at pkingear stre wh youon' e fit mp ders ieveith [pro bur] atarme,we [annncercall-800arme,u ansee w mu yououldave.
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at'sbouts amican it ts. man: at dyou an? uebey paakesstraerri and eam eesecing starng ajust4.99 ell ngs] itre: weome den's! ple e, wch o. this web site trendy and as the
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freedom dachau just cite to facebook backup. the dow profit group behind this is amazing the move meant to rodale little experiment of their old. they're urging of uses all low blow to give up their facebook have a from a serious after the matinee days are completed and never felt happier they clear up quitting facebook. telling their friends a public dollar for a while. a fat 1000 people committed three hours later they had 4800. this campaign just began. >>: and allied control act allows you to post the facebook twitter without lifting a fit parent will glass and my winfrey
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bladers. and as your brain wave their family doctors used to tax for epilepsy. if for triggers at looking at a photo google glass. if you share that photo under social media crowd. >>: that will be really excited that the idea the at can be used more than just for posting to social media sites. and amazon is seeking permission from u.s. regulators for testing the every girl to and bill seattle appeare. company was the use tho
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deliver packaging 30 minutes or less precarious this primary. two people injured was here from the store owner who shot a person tried rock of. two people injured was here from the store owner who shot a person tried rock of. >>: hey there. two people injured was here from the store owner who shot a pers did you select these >>: things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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without a doubt 180. to yesterday's. -- dow dwodow. now features were up 20 now they've gone flat. since this latter numbers for the weekend with erica. we're talking about a week and more money. we do have extensive cloud cover thought the bay area but this high fall actually faces drizzle this morning. as a lot of work on this friday morning. 62 minutes of arriving flights. secretarial and keep this in mind. on the fall will be gone by the afternoon. 64 at the coast
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temperatures will graduate warm- up as we head into the week. will the test of slow traffic for the ride out five it was from heady through dublin out of livermore. there is the east bay accent and a 87 south also has a word. >>: struggling families are given the chance to get free school supplies and a backpack for the new school year. >>: to see people lined up all here, symbols that lining up around last night. as they waited in
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line 12 years ago they started this program they gave balladur 50 backpacks last year. they get about 2500 this year. there is any 42800 backpacks. it's a needed system that they have set up out here. these are people that don't have enough money to get the school supplies. simple things like pencils and paper. i've had a chance to talk to the representative here and we talk about why it's so poor in to get back to school. this morning is
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only the registration so they're going to register as many people as shoat they show up today. the tried to give away 2800 of them. the adults of the web site and take donations. that about three dozen people aren't lined up people with a pretty big turnout considering all the tapes they have all their. >>: delayed its highest praise prostitute is charged for the overdose death of the global executive. they searched a line for legal strategies before her arrest. the video of that gap
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recorded the incident the boat. has been moved from the arena. >>: the hon you see that the not has verse as a marine developed in ellie nefarious philosophy for a whole at the same read the faq and 20 tents. facing as a place to get away from a sense his life as a high price executive. the 51 year-old married father of five was found dead after allegedly being injected with a fatal dose of your web. --those of heroin. the yacht broker says that the care that caught the crime was car of a major electronic upgrade. the
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electronics were added a couple hundred thousand to the boat. he took very great pleasure in every aspect. you seem to really be enjoyed being around the boat. the family is now selling the yacht they're asking for $345,000. the willie disclosing to the next buyer that this is a crime scene. initial not days san arouse the stall least two people injured. they're waiting for a suspect. they tried to rob the store the this older of the store fought back. one of the
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robbers were shot both have been taken to the hospital. the store worker isn't respect--expected to recover. people for more than 70 different mayor was a collective protest if first city hall yesterday settles a passing new regulations which will fire all their world products at stores to be grown unsight the law goes into effect on july 18th. bu the first of the people
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will get a voucher for free medical marijuana. crews now have the monetary fire 95 percent contained this morning so far the fire has burrs 6,500 a. highway 128 is now open there's more than a hundred firefighters on seen working to fix that hot spot.
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the pledge will million dollars towards a new science museum honoring the test of this note as contributions. the science center in said be built on the long island sent word nichols pass law had his lap and stores and a double was a fairly rough week for tests. it also bircher earlier this week that test was being sued and tried a for trade working. we're learning about concord. it happened tuesday at the grocery outlet a beckett is asked to speak with the manager got the manager's approval and then waited for customers or trees to be rotgut and then he would hand over the muddy to the
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cashier. as to why it he basically said why not. what a great heart for someone to be able to do that. struggling to get by in families that of the storage specialist. the district as a bear and pay for what items for about half a dozen of randall customers live in the weather center where seeds of a drizzle will take that live outside at to are brought terry carroll have full details when the kron for more educe returns.
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a pell says that the red for an adult wishes that people made four other georgia family 22 months ago coper harris died after father lost traps in his car seat for an entire workday last look. styli can't paid-that campaign a lot of people are happy, about the tweet suit tuitions. we did hear more about the place it where the state police at the said allows a lawyer and a kron for backup.
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the story is tracking as well the trade delegation someone donated these three souls to a third store in seattle. they one of the person that made that donation so they can find out where kid from and why they even have the the first place prepare it's a very overcast read not a seasoned drizzle will show you that for a live look and go care a lot of sixties out their oakland right now is 61 degrees 60 leave the house of livermore is still wild out there drive around pilot major which a white breast with a drizzle. april read later pre and hire fall too much of the bay area right now and could take quite some time to clear. and he reach that the new world therefore clocked in a loud yet such had that much to do the temperatures like what we experience yesterday's. that's
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really the only change will save. 76 and all of you and upper 70's for the lower peninsula. as we get to the east bay let's take a look at these numbers is such a bad idea. 63 richness and it would decrease the hayward temperatures range from the low 50s to a low 70's it san bruno. seven will decrease in oakland. here's your 7 their world a forecast with a live 4 weather. also expected last fall as a read later is extensive. will have an 96 into the early of next week. 647 that was the forecast of traffic. >>: right off the top will hot spots the tracks so far this chordate there's a pretty good ride around the bay. the sure
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freeway 40 minutes hercules to berkeley and easy trick for us there will valley 680 south for the concord trouble-free would accept the spirit of the east bay that bed tracking it is now on a delay it's the south road a 88th street. the north been ride looks good to rein county also insula county just a brief delay through cadillac at a little 16 south ball. the bridge is doing pretty well the bay bridge back up as a reach to the base about 40 minutes is the drive times in detail purchasable commute let it up that were not backed up even another approach toward the spin. the golden gate bridge is that the slow as it looks here. but the commute is light and doing well. bill this morning were learning more about the online activities of justice or
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the terrorists a georgia man accused of yet leaving his side in a hot car he pleaded not guilty to murder a child cruelty. they report that the investigators filed more it's to that post that could come up during his trial. what's your goal of lead into relevant that he was charged with killing his son he killed a person in the said abortion is selfish and malicious intent some of the saddest fire all personal agenda. cat county detectives said that here's read this specific topic pages also lower as the braves' terry is the bread it. people who died insult is called child free. hundreds of comets hitting three years of the this renamed roscoe you a. the most recent posted just hours before his arrest. the
6:50 am
postmark three months ago refused to answer any questions as it is being obtained. everything the police officers says during a possible the life traffic stop miti is trying to build evidence against you. there post about gratitude what you're go about delays in georgia i know my dream job have a beautiful six month old son and i love boy to work every day i could be happier. also post about difficulties. would you be surprised to know that this death is right here is you know that. they're starting to batter
6:51 am
despaired the father that was charged with killing his only child. >>: on the baseball the bay bridge series is that a great or terrible the fed the affair a's or giants fans as the case takes three of four also stock has been struck out nine and seven score. it is with craggy rights around the bay. tell us it is of a will to make a six a day losing his fourth and the decision for the giants. and they have a will consecutive
6:52 am
bowl games in more than doubled. floodlit whether it will have a rematch with mark read the note on september 30th that mgm grand in las vegas the undefeated they weather successfully defended his it w b.c. welterweight title is their first fight in may. >>: to come close to what steps closer to a renovation in the field. the teen-an anonymous thumbs-up planned. but an upgraded update the ball park. the plan includes a total of seven ads do double tried all dishes to the bleachers and sweets. coming for the kron for reduce look at your headlights as we cutback also live look of saigon here friday morning at the bay bridge. will have will
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record dishes coming into place. tambo 652. >>:
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i'll have my usual ultimate cheeseburger. you can have that. or-two new versions of the ultimate cheeseburger. one has sliced jalapeños and creamy ranch sauce, the other has sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and grilled onions, plus double meat and cheese like the original. new versions...? two new versions! now, this was just a training video,
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but these twists on my ultimate cheeseburger will blow people's minds. is that guy ok?
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celebrated their they say corporate holiday today july advent we got freebies 711 this morning until 7:00 p.m. and they also are giving out some free snacks as well. yet the dollar lower their do aapp. the rise on wall street for doubt looks like red bell for the week. but a lot of rubber yesterday's it core the at this time we ran at
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hundred and 80 there's a live look for a motel concord read all 60 degrees look for a high of 78.
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at'sbouts amican it ts. man: at dyou an? uebey paakesstraerri and eam eesecing starng ajust4.99 ell ngs] itre: weome den's! ple e, wch o.
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drizzle this morning where the upper 50s to the low 60s is to be cleared by lunchtime expressly for the endless parts about three this afternoon were talking about temperatures in the mid-60s along the coast. the cycle see low eighties for the in this areas. we do have some rain up to the north and to the east and the clear from the bay area. >>: here is a quick look at

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